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Line Post Insulators

  • ANSI 57-3 insulator post type for overhead line
ANSI 57-3 insulator post type for overhead line

ANSI 57-3 insulator post type for overhead line

  • Origin: China
  • Brand: Senduo
  • Trade Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF
  • Color: Brown/Gray
  • Product description:

Insulator Post Type for Overhead Line:

We supply difference cantilever strength of insulator post type for overhead line, shcu as 5KN, 8kN, 10KN, 12.5KN, 16KN etc., customer requirement is welcome
Hardware or end fittings for insulator post type:
Caps: African countries use two types of insulator, capped and uncapped porcelain ceramic post type insulator.
Stud or bolt: short stud and long stud with nut and washers for porcelain ceramic post type insulator.

You can get informations about insulator price, insulator specifications or product details by e-mail: sales@sdinsulator.com, we are looking forward to your advice.

Drawing of ANSI 57-3 insulator post type for overhead line

Creepage Distance 737mm
Dry Arcing Distance 311mm
Cantilever Strength 12.5kN
Power Frequency Dry Flashover Voltage 125kV
Power Frequency Wet Flashover Voltage
Critical Impulse Flashover Voltage,Positive 200kV
Critical Impulse Flashover Voltage,Negative
Radio Influence Voltage
Test Voltage to Ground 30kV
Maximum RIV at 1000kHz
Net Weight

Please show me your specifications if there are any difference between your technical data with us, our engineers will design the new products according to your specifications, and the products will meet with IEC 383-1 standard and other related standard such as IEC 60720.

We can provide OEM marking for clients, please pay attention that the marking on the insulators is one color only, if the marking is colorful, it will not be distinguished. The insulator dimension will limit the marking dimension, and shorter and small marking is welcome.

Want to get more info of ANSI 57-3 insulator post type for overhead line, please contact to sales@sdinsulator.com


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