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Fuzhou Senduo Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. A skeleton export enterprise specialized in the manufacturer of high and low voltage electric insulators ,lamp holders, plug and socket, our factory was founded and start to produce the insulator in 1995. Which is located in Tankou Industrial Area, Minqing, Fujian, China. We have above 200 works and 28 offices works including 12 senior engineers, 20 engineers and 25 technicians.

The Company is abundant in technical forces, which consists of all kinds of technicians and employees who are skillful and good at management, with occupation of land over 60,000 square meters. Our factory owns advanced electric insulators equipment, manufacturing techniques and complete checkout equipment for electric insulators products, establishes strict technique control system and quality guarantee system. Our produce capacity reach 15,000tons of electric porcelain products annually.

Our main products is over 10series, such as cap and pin type suspension insulator for high voltage, cap and pin type suspension antipollution insulator, pin type insulator, line post insulator, ceramic bridge insulator, stay insulator, spool insulator, shackle insulator, surge arrester, fuse cutout etc.

We got ISO9001 certificate from our factory setup and manufactured according the standards of GB, XIHARI, ANSI, IEC, BS, DIN, AS, SA etc., the products have been passed the examination by CHINA NATIONAL INSULATORS AND SURGE ARRESTERS QUALITY SUPERVISION & INSPECTION CENTER(XIHARI), which are proved to be good capability and stable quality.



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