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Station Post Insulators

  • ANSI TR210 Porcelain Station Post Insulator
ANSI TR210 Porcelain Station Post Insulator

ANSI TR210 Porcelain Station Post Insulator

  • Origin: China
  • Brand: Senduo
  • Trade Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF
  • Color: Brown/Gray
  • Product description:

Porcelain station post insulator is a high voltage post insulator for outdoor power stations, substations and electrical equipment devices. Porcelain stations post insulator provides insulation and support function.

The following Porcelain Station Post Insulators meet ANSI C29.9:

TR202, TR205, TR208, TR210, TR214, TR216, TR286, TR287, TR288, TR289, TR291, TR304, TR312, TR362, TR369, TR391

1. Specifications of ANSI TR210 Porcelain Station Post Insulator

Creepage Distance 940mm
Cantilever Strength 8.9kN
Tension Strength 53kN
Torsion Strength 1130N.m
Compression Strength 66.7kN
Power Frequency Dry Flashover Voltage 145kV
Power Frequency Wet Flashover Voltage
Critical Impulse Flashover Voltage,Positive 225kV
Critical Impulse Flashover Voltage,Negative
Impulse Withstand Voltage 200kV
Rated Voltage 40.5kV
Normal Voltage 35kV
Net Weight

2. Drawings
Senduo station post insulator tr210

3. Packing & Delivery

Senduo insulator tr210 packing

Normal Packing: Wooden case, 2pcs/case

Suitable for container quantity, and save cost

Wooden case with pallet packing: Suitable for bulk cargo or a full container quantity

Customer requested packing method is available

Delivery time:


4. Quantity Guarantee

SENDUO ISO Certificate

1. ISO 9001 Certificate

2. Type test report from third party Lab.

3. Guarantee 18th months from B/L date

Factory test report include:

1. Visual Examination

2. Verification of the dimensions

3. Cantilever strength test

4. Porosity test

5. Galvanizing test

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